21. Shimmer
‘Sequins’ – Cycle 1, met Kirstin Arndt, Mo Laudi, en Becket MWN.#installation #curatorialstudio(Level 2 Waalhaven Oostzijde 1, 3087 BM)
‘Sequins’ – Cycle 1, met Kirstin Arndt, Mo Laudi, en Becket MWN.
Shimmer’s program has always been rhythmic, exhibitions are layered over time, we ‘fade’ works in and out, and often shows are curated as ‘scores’. Sequins will be the first time we have introduced artworks that have their own internal rhythms. What we imagine is termed a ‘polyrhythm’, a movement in which multiple rhythms after time begin to syncopate together. Not because each individual is ‘forced’ into sameness, but because over time, the ear of the listener re-identifies the whole multiplicity as a single beat.

We have curated artworks and practices that work with ‘the rhythm’, and in doing so, celebrate difference as means of community-making. As a format, we see the program as building, cresting, and collapsing in four different cycles over the year. In the first cycle, we present sounds, text, and sculptural works by Becket MWN, Mo Laudi, and Kirstin Arndt

About Shimmer
On the edge of Rotterdam's port, Shimmer is a curatorial studio that operates with an ever-changing studio-like mentality where knowledge arises through participation and experimentation. The studio is influenced by anthropologist and feminist theorist Deborah Bird Rose's talk 'Shimmer when all you love is being trashed.' Alongside expanded and durational exhibitions are the events program Sunday Mornings and the mixtapes On the Waves, as a means to move through personal and public space. Shimmer is co-initiated by Eloise Sweetman and Jason Hendrik Hansma.
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