Art Central Rotterdam is pleased to announce an open call for a curator to organize an exhibition for the first part of Art Central Rotterdam XL’ 24 during Rotterdam Art Week, 1-4 February 2024.

Art Central Rotterdam is pleased to announce an open call for a curator to organize an exhibition for the first part of Art Central Rotterdam XL’ 24 during Rotterdam Art Week, 1-4 February 2024.

We are looking for a Rotterdam based emerging curator to realize an exhibition at Baanhof during Rotterdam Art Week 2024 as part of the official program as well as VIP Program of Art Rotterdam. The exhibition will highlight the activity and coexistence of the art spaces, galleries and institutions that operate in Rotterdam and connect their widely differing programmes by bringing them together under one roof through a curatorial concept.

The curator should realize an exhibition concept with an experimental and innovative approach. The curator is encouraged to deal with themes and tendencies that are current and urgent, relevant and representative of our times. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce new local and international perspectives, enhancing curatorial research, exchange, and discourse in Rotterdam. All the artworks should be selected from the participating venues’ programmes.

The chosen curator will be provided with time and space to develop a curatorial project that reflects the dynamic variety of the Rotterdam art scene.

The curator will be appointed by an independent jury.

Eligibility and criteria for the curator:

- Demonstration of consistent curatorial practice—regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.
- ​​A well-founded interest in current debates in arts and culture
- A genuine interest in the local art scene of Rotterdam
- Not a post- or undergraduate student

Applicant requirements:

- A short bio, portfolio, and CV
- Submit a general concept for the exhibition

Send your proposal to:

The selected candidate will receive an honorarium of € 2000 ex. BTW + expenses.

The submission deadline is 25 October 2023, midnight

Piet de Jonge, curator
Els Leclerq, collector and president of the Kunstambassade
Silvia B, artist

About Art Central Rotterdam XL:

The third annual Art Central Rotterdam XL will have a makeover for the year 2024. It will hit the cultural agenda twice!

The first event will take place in the heart of the city between the 1st and 4th of February 2024 and it will be an official part of the Rotterdam Art Week. Just as the winter season begins dynamically and the city becomes a cultural hub, Art Central Rotterdam XL seeks to highlight the cultural fermentation that is taking place in Rotterdam by bringing together a series of contemporary art spaces and galleries, local cultural institutions and artist-run spaces under one roof in a curated exhibition. Thanks to Art Central Rotterdam XL’s curator, the exhibition is tailored to the specific dynamics of the exhibition space, creating an immersive and engaging experience for visitors on one hand, and adding to the opportunity to reach a wider audience on the other.

The second event will take place on the first weekend of September 2024 and will mark the opening of the new cultural season. This will be a city-wide contemporary art event, where art institutions in and around the city join forces to celebrate contemporary art as a valuable and essential part of society. The Art Central Rotterdam XL - Art Weekend is the way to experience the city's thriving art scene, with plenty of galleries, art spaces and museums to explore. The various venues will offer an extensive programme and side activities.

With over 30 participating spaces, institutions and projects, Art Central Rotterdam XL's public programme includes exhibitions, performances, screenings, artist talks and guided tours. The programming explores the past and present of Rotterdam's various neighbourhoods and participating venues, revealing a multitude of cultural events intertwined with the city's character.

Art Central Rotterdam XL ’24:

Part 1: Baanhof - Rotterdam Art Week, 1-4 February 2024

In February during Art Rotterdam, in collaboration with Rotterdam Art Week (central exhibition in Baanhof) as part of Art Rotterdam's programming and VIP programme.

Part 2: Art Weekend - cultural season, September, 2024

In September as the start of the cultural season (Rotterdam gallery weekend)
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